Didn’t You Hear Me?

The past few weeks have been very challenging to say the least.  It seems like I get over one hurdle and before I can get one foot on the ground, another hurdle is before me!  Today, when I got home from work I had to get to my prayer closet to have one of those heart to heart conversations with God.  Our conversation went like this :

Me:  Lord, what is going on?  Why do I feel like I am in several battles at one time?  Why do I feel that I am under attack?  Why do I feel such a heaviness is on me?

God: My child, you feel this way because you have not laid your burdens down. You have not trusted me to fight your battles!

Me:  Yes, I did turn all of this over to You!  Didn’t you hear my prayers the other night when I was crying out to You?  I laid it all down, every challenge, every struggle, every disappointment.  I gave it all to You.  You must have heard me!

God: Yes, my child, I most certainly did hear you crying out to me.

Me: Well, what’s the problem?

God: My child, as soon as you finished your prayer and said in the name of Jesus, you went right back to worrying about everything you prayed about!

Me: Did I do that?

God: Yes, you did do that! In fact, you did not give me a chance to let you know that I got this! I am God all by myself! I can fight all of your battles.  I can lift every burden!  I can wipe away all of your tears.  I can mend your broken heart.  My child, I can guide you safely through every storm!

Me:  Wow!  I didn’t even realize I picked my burdens back up.  Forgive me?

God: Of course, my child, I forgive you!  But now I need you to do something for me.

Me:  What would that be?

God: Trust me!  I got this!


Dear Lord, I am trusting You with everything!  (The good and the not so good.) I am trusting You to work everything out.  I release all of my worries and struggles to You.  I release every distraction and stumbling block to You. I  put all of my trust and confidence in You to fight all of my battles! I declare peace in every area of my life!   In Jesus’ name I thankfully say, Amen!

8 thoughts on “Didn’t You Hear Me?

  1. Yes, yes, yes…. Today I said my peace… And I’m leaving the outcome in God’s hands! This too shall pass! Amen thx for the real, true, and, rawness of a Christian walk…. I thank God for your honesty.

  2. Lord, send my soul a tiny thunderstorm, to nourish my garden, that it may grow and grow until it bears fruit. You heard me,didn’t you? From out of nowhere when I’m least expecting, you arrive precisely on time. And bring with you a love that absolutely melts my heart and takes my breath away. This garden has been singing your praises all the day long and then it hit me; You heard me didn’t you…

  3. Good morning Jackie. Thank you for the well learned lesson. I will share this with my family in Tennessee. See see you when I return to Florida . Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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  4. This IS an amazing post. I have to believe that we are all guilty of picking back up our troubles. Thank you for sharing with us!

  5. I love this post. This is a keepsake. I good post to frame with a back drop of the photo “Foot Prints in the Sand.”

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